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afraid of the dark - a Hope / phantom!Lightning fanmix

8tracks / Youtube

based on Hope’s situation in the 500 year time gap as described in the Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories- epilogue novel.

his loneliness, obsession with the phantom and feelings for Lightning

Fanart credit to: りおこ

Detailed tracklisting below the cut. Please let me know if any of the links/songs don’t work. Any comments/feedback appreciated!

Holding you close feels like a cut-throat...Collapse )
26th-Dec-2015 08:55 am - Another post-LR fic
Hello fellow HopeRai fans!

I had joined the community previously as In_a_Quandary, but the email account attached to that was disabled and I was sadly unable to retrieve the password. So here I am, under a new username, and I come bearing another gift - a post-LR HopeRai romance fic.

FF.net link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11680302/1/Coalescence

Title: Coalescence

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, occasional coarse language. Explores elements of PTSD. Contains spoilers from FFXIII trilogy and FFXIII: Reminiscence ~ Tracer of Memories.

Plot summary: A candid conversation between two broken people leads to something more than either expected. Adult Hope/Lightning. Post-LR. Three-shot.

A/N: I’m quite late to the LR party, it seems.

Back when I first thought up the premise for Misguidance (with only the first instalment of FFXIII to draw inspiration from), I could not conceive of any romantic fruition between Hope and Lightning, given that Lightning had practically adopted Hope as a surrogate sibling. So I wrote that emotional trainwreck as a way to vent my frustration. Now that canon had cemented the fact of Hope's romantic feelings towards Lightning, and set up the scene where they can interact as adults and equals, I wanted to re-explore their relationship.

In short, this tale is a thematically opposite rewrite of Misguidance. I daresay Hope/Lightning fans will appreciate the ending better, however. I originally intended it to be a one-shot, but it grew so long that I ended up splitting it into three parts.

To avoid confusion, I’ll state here that Hope has been reincarnated into his twenty-seven year old body, as per Tracer of Memories.

I've been finding it difficult to get any traction for this fic, as the FFXIII fanfic community seems to have dried up. So, if you have time, please leave a review on FF.net or post a comment here. I'm practically starving for feedback >.
28th-Sep-2015 05:15 pm - New
Hey :DDD

I'm really new to LiveJournal, and I've always liked Hope x Light fics. Hopefully there are some really goods ones here :D
16th-Sep-2015 01:04 am - Totally new here 😄
Hello. I just join this community because I ship hopurai soo much \(>////<)\
They just have a deep connection together and i love it.
27th-May-2015 12:52 pm - Newbie
Hi guy, I'm a fangirl who is completely new to LiveJournal
I joined all because of the beautiful ship between Light and Hope
I've went through the trilogy, one of the most impressed game ever
I love Light so much, that I want her to be happy, with hope
(I always want a big sister like Light, so protective and gentle inside)

"We'll be together"
29th-Mar-2015 11:11 am - New guys here
Umm hello? Ann here. I'm perfectly new to livejournal, and also new to this ship. I didn't even play the game (FFXII being the last of the series I played, it's byebye since PS3) but I absolutely adore these two. Umm so I guess I lok forward to sharing with you guys?

by the way, I have a passion for translating so... I also hope to share with the translators here? :)
14th-Sep-2014 09:33 pm - Hello
Hello everyone . This is my first time sign up for livejournal . I hope you can help and guide me . Thank you . And I really like hope and lightning pairing soooo bad ~~~~
Hey guys, it's been awhile since i or we read any new HopeXLightning doujinshi. Are we going to see new one and more coming soon? Honestly i really need to read more of this two couples <3. Are there any fan here are still translating them? hopefully we can read more soon ;) i just cant wait for more. I saw few new HopeXlightning doujinshi on ebay :D
3rd-Mar-2014 01:42 am - Localization Differences
I've heard that there are slight differences between the North American version of Lightning Returns and the Japanese version. Apparently in the Japanese version there are greater hints of affection between Lightning and Hope. As someone who has recently beat the North American version I was wondering if someone who has played the Japanese version could describe these scenarios to me.

[Don&quot;t open unless you have BEATEN the game]Not that there isn't enough already to make the ship "almost" canon in the version I played. Seriously, fans of this ship could just taste how close it is to be canon. Wow. Just wow. I had no idea Hope would be such an important character in the game. He is just slightly less important, if not just as important, as Serah. So many small cute moments and a few heartwarming moments. What really did it for me was was how Hope's soul was the last one Lightning saved from Bhunivelze and she did it with the survival knife she lent him. Then when she's calling for help he was the first one to come to her aide and fight against Bhunivelze. How much more proof does one need!? That whole possession by Bhunivelze was wicked. Back when Lumina said that Hope was his eyes and ears and asked Lightning if she would kill Hope I was thinking that would be incredible and how I would love to see that. I mean Hope is her partner through the whole game. How awesome would it be if he was in fact the final boss. And it almost happened! Sorry for the rant but I just had to after finishing the game.
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