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27th-May-2015 12:52 pm - Newbie
Hi guy, I'm a fangirl who is completely new to LiveJournal
I joined all because of the beautiful ship between Light and Hope
I've went through the trilogy, one of the most impressed game ever
I love Light so much, that I want her to be happy, with hope
(I always want a big sister like Light, so protective and gentle inside)

"We'll be together"
29th-Mar-2015 11:11 am - New guys here
Umm hello? Ann here. I'm perfectly new to livejournal, and also new to this ship. I didn't even play the game (FFXII being the last of the series I played, it's byebye since PS3) but I absolutely adore these two. Umm so I guess I lok forward to sharing with you guys?

by the way, I have a passion for translating so... I also hope to share with the translators here? :)
14th-Sep-2014 09:33 pm - Hello
Hello everyone . This is my first time sign up for livejournal . I hope you can help and guide me . Thank you . And I really like hope and lightning pairing soooo bad ~~~~
Hey guys, it's been awhile since i or we read any new HopeXLightning doujinshi. Are we going to see new one and more coming soon? Honestly i really need to read more of this two couples <3. Are there any fan here are still translating them? hopefully we can read more soon ;) i just cant wait for more. I saw few new HopeXlightning doujinshi on ebay :D
3rd-Mar-2014 01:42 am - Localization Differences
I've heard that there are slight differences between the North American version of Lightning Returns and the Japanese version. Apparently in the Japanese version there are greater hints of affection between Lightning and Hope. As someone who has recently beat the North American version I was wondering if someone who has played the Japanese version could describe these scenarios to me.

[Don&quot;t open unless you have BEATEN the game]Not that there isn't enough already to make the ship "almost" canon in the version I played. Seriously, fans of this ship could just taste how close it is to be canon. Wow. Just wow. I had no idea Hope would be such an important character in the game. He is just slightly less important, if not just as important, as Serah. So many small cute moments and a few heartwarming moments. What really did it for me was was how Hope's soul was the last one Lightning saved from Bhunivelze and she did it with the survival knife she lent him. Then when she's calling for help he was the first one to come to her aide and fight against Bhunivelze. How much more proof does one need!? That whole possession by Bhunivelze was wicked. Back when Lumina said that Hope was his eyes and ears and asked Lightning if she would kill Hope I was thinking that would be incredible and how I would love to see that. I mean Hope is her partner through the whole game. How awesome would it be if he was in fact the final boss. And it almost happened! Sorry for the rant but I just had to after finishing the game.
19th-Feb-2014 09:47 pm - Greetings
Hello all, ive seen some of the works you guys did, and I have to say I love the doujin that CassiS worked on, and the manga like portion I seen afterwards on tumblr, huge HopexLightning fan add I really want to join in with you guys. ^ - ^
7th-Feb-2014 11:16 am(no subject)
I hope you don't mind AU fanfiction (as I can't seem to write any other kind ^^;; ). If you do read them, I hope you'll find some enjoyment in these...

1) title: Struck by Lightning
author: caledon (the_tower_room)
pairing: Hope/Lightning, various
rating: M
summary: AU. Six years have passed, and Hope moved to the city where he first met his destiny. Everything should fall into place now that he was back and grown up . Now, if only she would stop resisting...
status: work in progress (currently has 22 chapters)
links: ffnet (edited-for-ffnet version), livejournal (nsfw version, really it's just chapter 22)

2) title: House of Paddra
author: caledon (the_tower_room)
pairing: Hope/Lightning, various
rating: M
summary: AU. Hope is a member of a group of up and coming designers, the House of Paddra. When the Academy's Department of Design issued the greatest challenge they had ever faced, will Lightning provide the needed inspiration to help them win? Inspired by Paradise Kiss.
status: work in progress (currently has 3 chapters)
links: ffnet, livejournal

Cheers :)
8th-Jan-2014 10:58 am - [IMPORTANT] - "The Light of Hope"

I proudly announce the establishment of a new HopeXLightning community: The Light of Hope (←click to access). And from now on, I will be sharing all of my scanlations within this site. I decided that it was just a more convenient way to moderate and organize my works.

Now, there are some rules… PLEASE, PLEASE READ AND RESPECT THE RULES as they are incredibly important.
#1 - All scanlations are NOT to be shared outside of this community, period.
#2 - If you wish to share or use my other translations, please ask my permission first.
#3 - You must be a member to view any works.
#4 - All new members MUST leave a comment in any of the threads within one month of joining the community. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
#5 - Not really a rule, but feedback is greatly appreciated. :D

So, the first thing you will need to do is, obviously, join the community if you wish to view anything. Next, you must leave a comment in any of the threads within one month of joining. I am doing this because I want to sift out any leeches, trolls, and fake members.

On the right side of the page, there is a side-bar with a list of all finished and upcoming projects. You can click on the headers and they will direct you to a thread that provides a detailed list of all the doujinshi (including summaries for each). Of course, you will need to join the community before you can view this.

I know this is very confusing, so if you have any questions, please contact me. :D Thank you so much for the support!!
Hello everyone!!!

I wanted to share with you some of my new Hopurai drawings^^ Lightning Returns provides us sooo many cute moments between Hope and Lightning that I couldn't help wanting to draw it!!!

Just a warning, these fanarts contain HEAVY spoilers for the final scenes and the ending, so if you don't want spoilers, do not watch or read!!

I posted them on deviantart under the "Mature content", but don't worry, it doesn't really have mature content, it was the only way I found to hide the picture for those who don't want spoilers^^ Click on "Display this Deviation anyway" if you want to see it^^:

This is the cutest Hope x Light scene of all the game, and the best proof of Hope's love for Lightning!!!

and this one comes from my headcanon^^:

I hope you will like it! Please leave comments^^ Oh, and just a word to people who don't want spoilers but who would like to know if there are some Hopurai scenes in the game: YES!!! There are lots of adorables dialogues that contributes to make you understand that they are a couple, and at least two scenes that I am CONVINCED you will love!!! (one of them being in the second fanart I posted here^^)

Hope x Light lover forever!!!
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