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Hope * Lightning
we'll be together - a New World Hopelight fanmix 
25th-Oct-2016 01:51 pm

We’ll be together - a New World HopeLight fanmix

fanart credit to カカオ (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4938986)

mix for post LR Hope/Lightning with chronologically ordered tracks

pre-reunion loneliness to a slowly blooming relationship to past hurts healed and happily ever after

8tracks // Youtube

Final part in my series of HopeLight fanmixes including Afraid of the Dark (Hope/phantom!Lightning) and Human (LR HopeLight mix).

Tracklisting with partial lyrics below.

Part One: Meeting You

1. Always In My Head – Coldplay

I think of you
I haven’t slept
I think I do
But I don’t forget
My body moves
Goes where I will
But though I try my heart stays still
It never moves

And you’re always in my head

2. MSK – Yellowcard

As all these mornings turn
Into brand new days
Everything still hurts
You’re so far away

3. Stranger – MAALA

And I just wanna know
What it really means to be home
I find myself alone

4. No Brakes – Little Boots

I would say it’s okay
I would say yeah, it’s fine
Ignore what’s missing inside

But just when I believed
There’s nothing left in me
You crash right into my life

And there’s no brakes, there’s no heart breaks
Love over takes, love over takes

5. Never Let You Go – Evermore

It took so long for me to find you
Suddenly our worlds collide

I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you go
I found you and now I know
That I’ll never let you go

Part Two: We’ll Be Together

6. Something About Us – Daft Punk

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there’s something about us I want to say
‘Cause there’s something between us anyway

7. Swoon – Imogen Heap

Working you under cover
Softly slowly got ya
Any moment now you’re gonna swoon
Into my arms

8. You Belong Here – Anberlin

You belong here
You were meant to be with me

And you know that I’m right
And I know I’m asking too much
And I know I’m taking control
But, a heart that’s not worth breaking
Isn’t worth much, not at all

9. Suddenly – MNEK

Taking chances in the dark
To find out if romance is hard
I’ve never seen you in this light
Feelings begin to surface and take flight, oh

And suddenly you kissed me, yeah, suddenly
I now believe in eternity
When you look at me, I can’t breathe
Don’t wanna let go cause it’s hurting me

10. Different Light – Ji Nilsson

Did you always look that good?
Were you always such a sweet talker
Don’t think I understood before
But when I see you now I just want love

I’ve never felt this way before
And not for you, it’s all brand new
And I’ve never thought of you like that
But tonight I see you in a different light

11. Wrapped In Your Arms – Fireflight

I used to try and walk alone
But I’ve begun to grow
And when you tell me just to rest
I’m finally letting go, I let go

And I’m here to stay
Nothing can separate us
And I know I’m okay
You cradle me gently
Wrapped in your arms I’m home

12. Stay Awake – Marlene

Oh it’s like I’ve been asleep forever
waiting for the clouds to clear, yeah
And all along I’ve been dreaming of you
Been dreaming for a million years

Wake me from an endless night
Tell me that the wait is over
Kiss me like the morning light
Let me stay awake forever

13. Kind of Love – MAALA

You’ve got that kind of love that I’ve been dreaming of
You’ve got that kind of love that I’ve been dreaming of
I know what I see, and you’re incredible
You’ve got what I need and I can’t let you go

14. In Your Light – Gotye

And it can settle the sadness
And the voices in my head
When I’m in the glow of the warmth you throw
I can put all that to bed

In your light, just when I’m in your light
(In your light, just when I’m in your light)
And I won’t get by if you take that light away

15. When I See You Smile – Bic Runga

When I see you smile
It feels like I’m falling
It’s not for anybody else to know
The way your face could light the bitter dark of every street
In every town I’ll ever go
It’s not for anybody else to know
For anybody else to know

16. Symmetry – Little Boats feat. Philip Oakey

You’re the night to my day
And the left to my right
The blood to my veins
And the dark to my light
The stop to my start
And the constant beat of my heart

So tell me your dreams and
I’ll tell you all my fears
So ask me your questions
I’ll tell you what you want to hear

Just love me in perfect symmetry
Be my everything
If you just love me in perfect symmetry
Only you can make me feel complete

17. Hypnotised – RUFUS

I’ve waited years, for you my dear

You said follow me deeper and down

Our love, cannot believe what we found

I said, look what we found, I said

Ooh, I’m hypnotised

I will give it all for you, one life

Ooh, you’re on my mind

Just a moment here with you, for all time

18. I’ll Be There – Odessa

If you ever need someone to cry to
If you ever need someone to hold you

I will be there
Standing by your side
I will be there
Standing by your side

1st-Nov-2016 03:16 am (UTC) - I'm still here!
Just in case you feel everyone left. (And for the most part I think they did), But here I am! I noticed!
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