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Hope * Lightning


Hope x Lightning Community
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A community for the pairing Hope Estheim and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
Welcome to the
Hope x Lightning Community!

This community is for HopuRai (HopeLight in Japanese) Lovers! No trolls or haters are allowed to post in this community.

Isn't Lightning older than Hope? Isn't this Shota or Pedo..?

Yes, Hope is a 14 year old boy and Lighting is 21 year old woman, so does age matter to you? Age is numbers, but Love is infinity! Hope will grow up as a man, he's not forever staying as a 14 year old boy.
After all Lightning will not be making out with a 14 year old boy, she's busy doing her job as a military soldier and Hope probably will follow Lightning's foot steps, becoming a soldier like her but as the time goes, Hope and Lightning will realise that they have feelings for each other.

Why do you like Hope x Lightning?

People who join this community have their own reasons to like this pairing, we pair them together because their relationship is obvious, when you play the game, you will know, Hope has slight admiration and crush on Lightning, this is the reason why he chooses to follow her and she dislikes him at the beginning but later she starts to care about him.

This community accepts:

1. Fanarts/Fanfictions/Doujinshi
2. Essays/Homemade Videos
3. Icons/Wallpapers/CSS Layout

Trolling is not allowed in this community and please, respect one another!

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