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Hope * Lightning
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26th-Jan-2017 03:22 pm - #HOPERAIWEEK2017

Go to @ff13fandom tumblr for more info

*fall from the sky*

My fellow friends and stranger,

I ADM owner of FF13FANDOM would like to annouce that I am going to host for this year #HOPERAIWEEK2017 !!!!! (No one approve and the one who discuss with me is my loyal friends… but im the person who jump into conclusion) What is HOPERAIWEEK?? Hoperai is stand for HOPEXLIGHTNING ship name and every year (or should i said on 2013/14/15)

there will be a week of Hoperai appreatiom celebration #HATERSBACKOFF (let us enjoy) im pretty sure the whole hoperaiweek things is @hoperaiweek original idea. (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG)

since there’s no #HOPERAIWEEK2016 and Square Enix going to celebrate their 30annivesary this year, so why not huh???… Ladies & Gentleman please clear your schedule on 18 MARCH until 24 MARCH and make sure you prepared if you want to join. And like this if u part of this team and please REBLOG to let the world know okat???

You can:-


-Create HOPERAI fanfic

-Draw HOPERAI [And rare things that is hard to find on #hoperai tag]


-SCANLATION for my favourite hoperai acc @tensai-shoujo

-COSPLAYYYYYYY (Yayyyyy!!!!!)

[Lastly the most boring yet intresting]

Theory ( yep still counted)


People: Wait…. where’s the theme????

*pull out secret diary OTP book*

*Clear the throat*

One theme per/day




DAY 4: FAIRYTALE PARODY (cinderella,beauty and the beast ETC)

DAY 5: MODERN DAY (2017 Style.. Get it??? Imagine if ffxiii in this world style)


DAY 7 (The Last Day) BECAUSE YOU’RE HERE make sure to get ready and prepared before 18 MARCH

Show them that this ship is not DEAD YET, WE ARE STILL ALIVE show them!

If you want more details about this all dont be shy to ask me justtt justtt ask its not like im gonna kill you *hide the survival knife* Anyway if u want fast reply just dm me on instagram @ff13.fandom if you dont have instagram just PM me @ff13fandom

Thank youuuuu

Forgot to tell you if u want to create smut fanfic or want to post something innapropriate for kids… please be aware that there’s teenagers below 18 who wants to join this too.

5th-Dec-2016 05:22 pm - Hope x Lightning Fanfiction Recs?
I have yet to read a Hope/Lightning fanfiction, can anyone recommend their favorites to me?
Anime - Bleach - Rukia
14th-Nov-2016 05:31 am - hello? :"3
UHHH... hi! I'm called Kumo and... I'm not entirely sure how to use livejournal at all but I made an account specifically to join this community! I've seen it around the block a few times but finally decided to join, not sure if this place is really active (I know nothing about livejournal. Literally nothing)... either way APPERENTLY I've been missing out on all of this content? Didn't know why I didn't join sooner. Anywho. I'm not sure what to write for an introduction, but what I will say is that I do at least... write? Sometimes. Never really thought about writing fics until recently, but I've currently got a multi-chaptered one in the works up on AO3 (also under my name kumokubo)... currently working on a fluffy oneshot! So I do do some stuff. Hopefully at least semi-decent stuff? ANYWAYS.... nice to meet everyone... anyone? ^.^;; //waves

We’ll be together - a New World HopeLight fanmix

fanart credit to カカオ (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4938986)

mix for post LR Hope/Lightning with chronologically ordered tracks

pre-reunion loneliness to a slowly blooming relationship to past hurts healed and happily ever after

8tracks // Youtube

Final part in my series of HopeLight fanmixes including Afraid of the Dark (Hope/phantom!Lightning) and Human (LR HopeLight mix).

Tracklisting with partial lyrics below.

Wrapped in your arms I’m homeCollapse )

2nd-Oct-2016 10:12 am - hello!
Hi guys, I'm completely new to LiveJournal :D
I know it's very late now, but I just finished FF XIII trilogy today, in 2016 ^^; and I've got an obsession with this ship~
I like the bond Light and Hope share together, especially in LR xD they made me jealous. BUT I APPROVE IT <3
Maybe there won't be many ppl read this, but nice to meet you guys >w
19th-Sep-2016 06:02 pm - Human - an LR HopeLight fanmix

Human - an LR HopeLight fanmix

Emotionless servants of god, the humanity that remained

fanart credit to ささの

Youtube / 8tracks

Not (completely) a shippy mix, chronologically follows Lightning and Hope’s journey through LR, the strength they find in their bond with each other and others. Sequel of sorts to my previous mix featuring Hope x phantom!Lightning, Afraid of the Dark.

Detailed tracklisting with annotations below.

And if you take my hand, please pull me from the darkCollapse )

afraid of the dark - a Hope / phantom!Lightning fanmix

8tracks / Youtube

based on Hope’s situation in the 500 year time gap as described in the Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories- epilogue novel.

his loneliness, obsession with the phantom and feelings for Lightning

Fanart credit to: りおこ

Detailed tracklisting below the cut. Please let me know if any of the links/songs don’t work. Any comments/feedback appreciated!

Holding you close feels like a cut-throat...Collapse )
26th-Dec-2015 08:55 am - Another post-LR fic
Hello fellow HopeRai fans!

I had joined the community previously as In_a_Quandary, but the email account attached to that was disabled and I was sadly unable to retrieve the password. So here I am, under a new username, and I come bearing another gift - a post-LR HopeRai romance fic.

FF.net link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11680302/1/Coalescence

Title: Coalescence

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, occasional coarse language. Explores elements of PTSD. Contains spoilers from FFXIII trilogy and FFXIII: Reminiscence ~ Tracer of Memories.

Plot summary: A candid conversation between two broken people leads to something more than either expected. Adult Hope/Lightning. Post-LR. Three-shot.

A/N: I’m quite late to the LR party, it seems.

Back when I first thought up the premise for Misguidance (with only the first instalment of FFXIII to draw inspiration from), I could not conceive of any romantic fruition between Hope and Lightning, given that Lightning had practically adopted Hope as a surrogate sibling. So I wrote that emotional trainwreck as a way to vent my frustration. Now that canon had cemented the fact of Hope's romantic feelings towards Lightning, and set up the scene where they can interact as adults and equals, I wanted to re-explore their relationship.

In short, this tale is a thematically opposite rewrite of Misguidance. I daresay Hope/Lightning fans will appreciate the ending better, however. I originally intended it to be a one-shot, but it grew so long that I ended up splitting it into three parts.

To avoid confusion, I’ll state here that Hope has been reincarnated into his twenty-seven year old body, as per Tracer of Memories.

I've been finding it difficult to get any traction for this fic, as the FFXIII fanfic community seems to have dried up. So, if you have time, please leave a review on FF.net or post a comment here. I'm practically starving for feedback >.
28th-Sep-2015 05:15 pm - New
Hey :DDD

I'm really new to LiveJournal, and I've always liked Hope x Light fics. Hopefully there are some really goods ones here :D
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